1 John 4:19 Long Sleeve Tee
1 John 4:19 Long Sleeve Tee
1 John 4:19 Long Sleeve Tee

1 John 4:19 Long Sleeve Tee

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“We love because he first loved us.”⁣
-1 John 4:19⁣

Because of the Lord’s great love for us, we are given the ability to obey the commands given to us in Christ to love him and love others. ⁣

“The apostle, having thus excited and enforced sacred love from the great pattern and motive of it [in chapter 3], the love that is and dwells in God himself, proceeds to recommend it further by other considerations; and he recommends it in both the branches of it, both as love to God, and love to our brother or Christian neighbour.⁣

His love is the incentive, the motive, and moral cause of ours. We cannot but love so good a God, who was first in the act and work of love, who loved us when we were both unloving and unlovely, who loved us at so great a rate, who has been seeking and soliciting our love at the expense of his Son's blood; and has condescended to beseech us to be reconciled unto him. Let heaven and earth stand amazed at such love! His love is the productive cause of ours:⁣

As love to our brother and neighbour in Christ; such love is argued and urged on these accounts:—1. As suitable and consonant to our Christian profession. In the profession of Christianity we profess to love God as the root of religion⁣

As God has communicated his image in nature and in grace, so he would have our love to be suitably diffused. We must love God originally and supremely, and others in him, on the account of their derivation and reception from him, and of his interest in them. Now, our Christian brethren having a new nature and excellent privileges derived from God, and God having his interest in them as well as in us, it cannot but be a natural suitable obligation that he who loves God should love his brother also.”⁣

Matthew Henry on 1 John 4⁣

Lord, call to mind often your lavish love for us that it would stir us to greater love and affection for you and for others.

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