About Us

Truth and beauty.

These are the defining characteristics we strive to be known for at Sola Gratia Co. (and in that order).

It has been said that what is aesthetically pleasing in the Christian space is often fluffy and lacking biblical substance. We don’t believe that has to be the case.

At Sola Gratia, we offer theologically faithful apparel while pursuing the beauty our Creator made us to enjoy. Our aim is to edify the saints, proclaim what is true and start conversations about things that matter—things that hold eternal significance. Faithfulness to the Gospel, encouragement for those in Christ and excellence in our work top the list of what we value most.

Sola Gratia Co. seeks to emulate that which describes the truth we find in Scripture.

Sound and lovely.



Meet Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is a hand lettering artist and loves to work with her hands to create artwork in various mediums. She and her husband, Justin, have been graciously blessed with their twins, James and Meredith, and hope for more babies, Lord willing! They currently live in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She holds a BS in Religious Studies and plans to resume her pursuit of an MDiv. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to better know God’s Word and serve the local church. You will not find a woman more skilled in the art of incisive GIF responses. Elizabeth is keeping her babies dry (1689, girlfriend).

What We Believe

Elizabeth subscribes to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.