Free Gift Print (Miscarriage/Child Loss)
Free Gift Print (Miscarriage/Child Loss)

Free Gift Print (Miscarriage/Child Loss)

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A little reminder of the sweet baby that was carried, if only for a short time. We hope this print is a comforting keepsake to remember your sweet baby or to gift to a friend experiencing loss.

Do you see the baby in the heart?

This heart is 1x1cm in size in a sea of dozens of hearts I painted on a 12"x18" sheet in a variety of colors for a childrens'/playroom piece. I had painted them and walked away for several hours. To my surprise, when I came to check the piece, my eye immediately caught the small red heart in the top center with what appears to be a 6-8 week baby in the womb. This was remarkable because I had not done anything to influence any watermark pattern but yet...I saw this tiny baby.

This piece was painted two days after the anniversary of learning our 4th child had passed away in the womb--he had passed away around the same gestation as what that tiny heart appeared to display.

If you or a friend have lost a precious baby, we'd like to send you a gift of this print at no cost. Each print will come with a 5x7 Heidelberg Q1 print insert you can also frame or put up somewhere if you'd like. 

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