Floral Scripture Writing Bible Study Journal
Floral Scripture Writing Bible Study Journal

Floral Scripture Writing Bible Study Journal

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Do you want to deepen your study of God’s Word?

The hope is that our Scripture Writing Bible Study Journal will deepen your understanding as you commune with the Lord in your time of study.

We have thoughtfully crafted this study journal so that it:

-aids in exegetical study, verse-by-verse, through the passages you’re reading
-helps you to understand the passage in context of the book as well as the entirety of Scripture
-facilitates in clarifying the original intent of the author and context
-invites you to delight in God’s Word as you copy it by hand, reinforcing Scripture memory and comprehension
-guides you through the application of the text, both generally and personally
-allows space for you to pray and meditate on God’s Word

The Scripture Writing Bible Study Journal is beautifully adorned with florals throughout and is available lined, unlined or in dot grid for at for a clean, feminine aesthetic.


This journal will fit:

  • most epistles and minor prophets comfortably, ex. Galatians, Romans, Amos, Ecclesiastes. 
  • 2-3 books the size of Colossians, Jonah, or Ruth.

**You may need more than one journal to write and study books like the major prophets and the gospels, ex. Isaiah, Matthew, Deuteronomy, Genesis.

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